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How to Build an Inspired and Engaged Team

Joel Norton  |  May 10, 2021

One of the key things that digital agency owners want is to have a motivated and engaged team.

Everyone in the digital space is fighting for the same talent. Digital agencies, as well as clients looking to build their own in house capability, are struggling to find the right people.

They want a team who have the right skills, relevant experience and a positive, enthusiastic attitude.

Unfortunately many digital agencies end up with the opposite. A disengaged team who need to be spoon fed every step of the way. That's emotionally and physically draining for the agency owner who already feels the pressure of having to do everything.

That typically leads to staff turnover, which is extremely costly for any business. There are hard costs related to recruitment, as well as lost productivity and momentum, and in some cases, client attrition.

Since COVID-19 we've seen the additional problem related to managing teams remotely, as so many digital agency staff work from home most of the week.

Common mistakes for hiring and managing digital agency staff

First, is hiring and managing your team based on “rational” or functional needs. For example, you hire solely based on skills, and your KPIs are purely revenue based.

The second common mistake is thinking that systems and processes will overcome the key problems outlined above, as well as help you to grow and scale your agency.

The solution?

What you need is more emotion.

Or to put it another way, your digital agency needs more heart. Here's how…

The Secret to Having an Inspired and and Engaged Team

Want help defining the Vision, Mission & Values for your digital agency?

If your annual revenue is $500K plus, and you want help to build an inspired and engaged team, schedule a call for a chat via the form below.

I'll ask you a couple questions to learn about your business and see if I can help you achieve more money, freedom and purpose.

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Joel Norton

Joel Norton is an agency growth specialist, and founder of Agency Leaders Academy. Joel empowers ambitious agency owners to build a profitable business that runs and grows without them.

His "Agency Profit Foundations" program helps agency owners to double their fees in 90 days, whilst his signature program "Agency Leaders" helps them to attract and convert high value customers, and scale their business.

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