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Evolution of a Digital Agency CEO

Joel Norton  |  May 25, 2021

As a Digital Agency CEO there are four hats (or personas) that you can be wearing at any given moment, and therefore four different “levels” at which you can be operating.

  • Technician
  • Manager
  • Leader
  • Entrepreneur

The reality is that you will play most of these 4 personas in the early stages of your agency. The challenge is having the awareness to consciously change roles as required.

That can be difficult, particularly when you’re stuck in technician and manager roles.

This video outlines the 4 personas of a Digital Agency CEO, and how you need to formally adapt and evolve as your agency grows.

How a Marketing Agency CEO needs to adapt and evolve

Being a sole founder makes it even harder

All of the agency owners I talk with are sole founders looking for external guidance, direction and support to maximise the value of their investment as “Entrepreneur”, and fast-track results.

Either so they can pursue other interests (whilst continuing to receive dividends from their investment), or sell the agency to realise the full value.

The key for them is having a senior person with relevant agency experience to help them accelerate their transition from Technician and Manager, busy working IN the business, to Leader, and ultimately Entrepreneur.

Want help to maximise the value of your investment?

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Joel Norton

Joel Norton is an agency growth specialist, and founder of Agency Leaders Academy. Joel helps agency owners who are struggling to get to the next level, to create a thriving business that is not dependent on them. That starts with his foundational program, “The Agency Profit Accelerator”, which helps agency owners to attract better quality, high value clients they LOVE, are EASY to work with, and who PAY you more.

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