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3 Accelerators to Attracting High Value Customers

Joel Norton  |  July 13, 2021

Many digital agency owners are overworked and struggling to grow simply because they have low value customers. They all recognise they need to attract high value customers.

What they often don’t realise is that higher value clients can also be easier to work with!

So they not only increase their revenue, they also save time, which increases their capacity.

The One Big Thing

There is “one big thing” that if accomplished, would have the most significant impact in your business.

Unfortunately many agency owners make the wrong decision, because they’re focused on a “symptom” rather than understanding the underlying cause.

For example, they jump straight into new business activity and start prospecting, thinking they need to increase sales. The reality is that just creates more problems.

The “one thing” I always start with when working with a new agencies is attracting high value customers. Here's how.

Want help to attract high value customers?

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I'll ask you a couple of questions to learn about your business and see if I can help you achieve more money and freedom.

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Joel Norton

Joel Norton is an agency growth specialist, and founder of Agency Leaders Academy. Joel helps agency owners who are struggling to get to the next level, to create a thriving business that is not dependent on them. That starts with his foundational program, “The Agency Profit Accelerator”, which helps agency owners to attract better quality, high value clients they LOVE, are EASY to work with, and who PAY you more.

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