Apparel Group are a retail company that owns women's fashion brands Sportscraft, SABA, Willow and JAG.

The Sportscraft and SABA marketing teams wanted to improve the results they were achieving from their customer loyalty marketing. They were looking for customer insights to improve the effectiveness of the loyalty program, as well as managed services to execute activity via the ExactTarget email and mobile marketing platform.



First and foremost was the need for a seamless transition from the incumbent provider to ensure business as usual with the execution of all email marketing activity via ExactTarget, including email HTML development.

We then:

  • Created a customer segmentation, and provided actionable insights
  • Designed and executed testing strategies across email, SMS and direct mail to improve customer loyalty and increase spend
  • Improved campaign and business reporting based on transactional data, and provided customer insights and recommendations for future activity
  • Championed new data initiatives such as control groups, improving visibility of department store transactions, and appended external data to improve customer insights
  • Implemented and optimised personalised customer journeys to improve customer experience and increase spend


Sportscraft customer email
Example of a Sportscraft customer email


SABA customer email
Example of a SABA customer email


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