Australian Unity provides independent and assisted living care, helping their customers to thrive, however the perception is often of ‘old people’s homes’. Australian Unity wanted to change that.



Develop a web series celebrating the lives of current Australian Unity customers, and workers – Tea & Bickies with Steve Liebmann.

Steve Liebmann is a great Australian personality. He’s a popular and familiar presenter, and well known amongst our target audience. In Tea & Bickies, Steve is on a mission to uncover and share great stories from Australian Unity, using his friendly and trusted conversational style.

We interviewed a number of residents and carers, and selected 4 ‘characters’ for Steve Liebmann to chat with over Tea & Bickies. The strategy also included data collection for ongoing marketing activity.


Australian Unity "Tea & Bickies" stories
The four stories that featured in the Australian Unity “Tea & Bickies” web series


“Tea & Bickies” Episode 1: Pam


“Tea & Bickies” Episode 2: Graham


Australian Unity Website Landing Page

Australian Unity "Tea & Bickies" landing page
“Tea & Bickies” landing page


Social Content

Australian Unity "Tea & Bickies" Facebook videos
30 second video bites used to promote Australian Unity “Tea & Bickies” via Facebook and Outbrain



Email for Australian Unity "Tea & Bickies" web series
Notification email for the next episode of the “Tea & Bickies” web series


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