Green Associates are a leading provider of advice and financial planning services and form part of the AMP Advisor Network.

They wanted an engaging website experience that reflected their new brand identity and would help them stand out from the crowd of financial advisors and help qualify new leads.



The solution was designed around the idea of matching audience personas to the most relevant service package. We created an engaging interface that led visitors to answer a few questions up front to qualify their needs, so we could match them to our defined personas and present relevant services.



The website is vastly different from other sites in the financial services category.

It’s visually engaging, featuring bold images and animation. The site does not have a traditional navigation bar at the top of the page yet is intuitive to use. The solution reflects Green Associates' distinctive approach and successfully increased engagement on the site and improved the conversion of leads.

AMP Green Associates website
The intuitive user interface led people to start by answering some questions


AMP Green Associates website on iPhone
Showcasing the responsive design and build of the Green Associates website


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